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Workers Compensation - Experience Modification Rates

 2015 - .83 2014 - .78 2013 - .95 2012 - .98 2011 - .98

At McCarter, safety in all our operations is not just a corporate goal, it is a requirement. McCarter has invested in the resources to be certified to provide all of the following training in-house: 10 and 30 hour OSHA classes, Confined Space training, Forklift and Aerial Platform training, MSHA (Mining Safety) training, CPR/First Aid training, ARC Flash training, and GHS training.


McCarter is dedicated to providing a safe work environment for all our employees. We consider safety to be an intricate value of our company and proactively seek to maintain an ongoing program. The safety and well-being of all employees is our first consideration throughout all phases of work.

Fundamental Principles

• Appropriate programs need to be implemented to protect employee health and safety and to prevent injuries and incidents
• Occupational injuries and illnesses are preventable
• Management seeks to define, initiate, and maintain programs and procedures to prevent injuries and illnesses
• Continuing scrutiny of programs and ongoing employee training and education in occupational health and safety are essential program elements


• Minimize health and safety risks by preventing unsafe acts and controlling exposures to health and safety hazards in the workplace
• Provide and assure that appropriate health and safety programs exist and are in place
• Control health hazards in the workplace and assure that employees are informed of hazards and how to protect themselves from overexposure
• Maintain medical records in a confidential manner
• Assure that all managers and employees have received orientation and training in health, safety, and environmental protection matters
• Require that all health, safety, environmental protection and loss control practices, standards, laws and regulations be observed relating to people, facilities, materials, processes, waste and the environment